It seems that trainspotters have come armed with UAVs now, as evidence has come to light that trainspotters are using hordes of drones after a UAV hit the rear carriage of the Flying Scotsman in an incident over the weekend.

The Flying Scotsman recently underwent a £4.2 refurbishment and was travelling along the North Yorkshire Moors Railway last Sunday when passengers spotted a UAV on the left side of the train. They thought that it must have been taking photos of the locomotive.

An eyewitness to the incident said that it suddenly crashed with the train and they heard a huge sound coming from the roof. Needless to say it was a shock to all, with some raising the very important question of what would have happened if it had gone through a window.

Witnesses to the accident are said to have been left wondering about how safe these drones really are after such a scary incident. The head of operations for North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Liz Parkes, did confirm that a drone “grazed” the train and that the incident was being investigated by the Railway and the British Transport Police.

Ms Parkes added that while there was no damage done to the train, drones are an obvious distraction for the drivers. A distraction that may land the pilot facing criminal prosecution for endangering the lives of others.


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