The MJX X101 is being called the Syma X8G killer! The X101 is slightly larger size than the X8G, and really features a really aggressive design. It’s quickly winning over the hearts of many drone enthusiasts across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Full disclosure, this is my favourite low cost drone to come out of Asia, not only because it offers way more features, and looks far better than its primary competitor the X8G, but it also comes at about half the price!

The X101 is a ridiculously affordable system, and despite its extremely high-end features, retails for only £52.00 (without the camera). This, on the surface, looks like the century, and once you read through the rest of this review you will find out why we think it is too!

Company Review

MJX, also known as Meijiaxin Toys, has been producing quality remote control products from their production facility in Guandgon Province, China for many years. They aren’t newcomers to the world of remote control, however they did not start with multi rotors. Like many other manufactures, MJX jumped on board the multi-rotor trend, and began releasing the X-series models just a couple years ago.

Originally, they were very successful with their line of helicopters known as the F-series. They soon transitioned into the multi-rotor aircraft industry, and this soon became their main source of revenues. Now that we’ve covered MJX as a company, lets go over the X101 and find out what makes it so great.


Initial impression

The first thing that comes to mind is wow. The X101 arrives in a stunning package, which is pretty typical when it comes to MJX, but at this price point you are not expecting something which looks this good!

As usual when you order stuff like this from Chine, the box can look a little shabby. On every Drone I have purchased though this hasn’t affected the contents inside with it being packaged well.


When you open up the X101 package here is what you’ll find inside:

  • The quad-copter
  • Dual mode 2.4GHz remote controller
  • 2 cell 7.4v 1200mAh Li-Po battery
  • 1 set of propeller guards
  • 2 pcs of landing skids
  • 1 set of spare propellers
  • 12 pcs of micro screws
  • A Screwdriver
  • Balancing battery charger
  • MJX X101 instruction manual

Profession-Drones-MJX-X101-Quadcopter-2-4G-6-Axis-RC-Helicopter-with-gimbal-Drone-with-C4005 (1)



Once you open up the package you’ll find the very well-designed X101 inside, along with 1 of 3 cameras depending on what you’ve ordered. Currently they offer a small-dedicated FPV Camera, a large FPV camera with increased resolution, or a larger cinema style camera, which is designed specifically to capture HD video & Photos. No matter which camera you choose, you’ll find that they all do a good job at fulfilling their intended purpose.  With the C4008 offering the best picture quality out of the bunch. All three of these cameras attach to the X101 via a vibration dampening mount, but unfortunately there is no gimbal included, so video will still be a bit shaky, and you wont have any control over the movement of the camera.


Flight Review

This is one area where the MJX X101 really shines but before I get into that I really have to make note of a really cool feature which is the internal LED lights. When you first power on the X101, you will be able to turn out the nighttime LED system. This lights up the entire white body of the drone, and causes it to produce a stunning blue and red glow. Not only does this look amazing, but it also provides outstanding visibility during recreational night flights. Another really cool feature is the one touch return to home system. With the simple touch of a button the X101 will head straight back towards the pilot, which is an amazing feature especially if you loose sight or orientation of the drone (and good for beginners). The headless mode function also acts a safeguard against loosing orientation, and once engaged will ignore the orientation of the drone, and simply responds to control input based on the drones position relevant to you/the remote control.


Once in the air the X101 flies outstandingly well, and has some pretty aggressive characteristics. Coming from someone who’s flown remote aircraft for 8 years, I still experienced a fair level of enjoyment while flying the X101. It demonstrated extremely stable flight, and had no strange or unexpected flight features what so ever. While flying, I received many compliments from bystanders on the overall look of the drone, it seems like people were pretty impressed with the X101. Overall this is a really great drone, and definitely something you need to check out if your looking to get into the market. In my opinion this is the nicest looking, best flying, unit you can buy for under £100.00. To be honest, even if the X101 retailed at twice the price it would still be well worth it. Check it our for yourself, and if your interested, definitely pick one up find out why it is so highly praised.



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