In what has been labeled as the first unmanned delivery in an urban setting, a Flirtey six-rotor drone has delivered food, water and other supplies to Nevada via a GPS system. The route was programmed into the drone before setting off on a half-mile journey to the vacant house in Hawthorne, Nevada. The excitement built beforehand as everyone knew what a successful mission would mean for the future (and that it meant beating Amazon to performing the first delivery!). Pilots were standing by to take control incase anything did go wrong but in the end they were not needed which meant only one thing, the drone had delivered the package successfully!

This was an important step for drone technology as tests had been carried out in rural areas many times in the past but this is the first of its kind in an urban setting. Chief Executive of Flirtey, well-known drone maker, was said to be pleased with the result and was quoted as saying that we are one step closer to making this the norm with every day deliveries in the future. Of course, the main worry of this would be collisions with other drones at a low altitude

and NASA as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are both working closely with the drone industry to find a solution to this very problem.  

Test sites for unmanned technology are few and far between in the US with only six states being home to one but Nevada are certainly making the most of theirs with this historic news. Flirtey has only just recently moved to the US from Australia and the move seems to have been worth  it after originally partaking in the first rural delivery back in July in Virginia. 

 This is already being talked about as one of the most successful operations in recent times and it really does show that the future of drone technology is bright.  We may still be some time away from a complete, safe, unmanned delivery system but the future looks very rosy indeed.

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