The Falcon 250 is an absolutely incredible, groundbreaking FPV drone. This 250-class drone is fitted with all the standard high tech equipment found on most other drones in this class, but it has a little something extra. For starters, the Falcon 250 is capable of blistering speeds. Some reports are clocking the top speed at about 150km/h. That is a ridiculous number, but it’s even more ridiculous when you consider how much the Falcon 250 actually costs. If you’ve guessed 400-500 dollars, you’d be wrong, although that’s a reasonable guess for a quad with such high performance. Actually, the Falcon 250 can be picked up at your local hobby store or online for about $220 USD ready to fly! As amazing as this all sounds, Let’s go through some info about Eachine and their Falcon 250, and see how they stack up.

Company Review

Eachine is a remote control toy design and manufacturer operating out of China. Very little is actually known about them as far is available information online. They originally gained some popularity with their small toy drone the H8. They quickly moved onto offering ready to fly (RTF) as well as plug & play (PnP) FPV kits. The FPV market has been a massive success for Eachine, and appears to currently be their primary focus.


Eachine has done quite a nice job with the Falcon 250. A very interesting feature is that the Falcon 250 actually comes in it’s own little carrying case. Inside this carrying case you will find laser cut foam, which securely cradles all the various components. Inside you will find the Falcon itself, along with all the electronics, the remote control, battery, charger, propellers, and some spare parts. Below I’ve attached the entire parts list for reference.

When you open the Falcon 250 here is what you’ll find inside:

• Frame Kit
• Motor Base
• 2204 Motor
• 20A ESC
• Flight Controller
• Propellers
• Power Connector
• 3S 11.1V 1500mAh 25C Battery
• B3 Charger
• 700TVL Camera
• FT200 VTX
• FlySky i6 Transmitter
• FlySky iA6 Receiver


Like I briefly mentioned before, all of this comes neatly packaged in the included carrying case, and laser cut foam insert. As you’re unpacking the components, you will notice the high quality overall feel and design of the Falcon 250. All of that sounds great, but come on; this thing goes 150km an hour who cares about the unboxing, how does it fly?

Flight Review

The Walker Falcon 250 is an absolute monster. I mean this thing is capable of some extremely aggressive and high-speed maneuvers that you would simply never expect out of a quad offered at such a low price point. With that said, you typically would expect this kind of drone to be slightly unstable, or display very erratic flight characteristics. That simply is not the case with the Falcon 250. This little drone literally flies like it’s on rails. So not only is it capable of extreme speeds, it also does a great job of inspiring confidence by providing safe and predictable flight characteristics.


I mean overall, there aren’t many flaws with the Falcon 250. It’s a great little machine with a ton of amazing features, and overall outstanding performance. But even in perfection, room for improvement can be found. One thing that I would definitely recommend is the addition of a quick start guide. Usually this isn’t something I worry about, but because the Falcon 250 is priced so competitively, it will likely become a very popular choice among beginners. These beginners don’t really have a clue on how to get an FPV drone up and running, and would really benefit from some sort of quick start guide. Another small complaint would have to be that the transmitter (remote control) feels very cheap, and doesn’t match the quality of the rest of the drone. I understand a good transmitter costs 500-1000 dollars, but they could have at least done a better job with the ergonomics and also used a slightly higher quality of plastic. The good news however, is that at anytime, you can bind your own transmitter to the Falcon 250’s receiver, and fly using that. Naturally as you progress, you will end up buying you’re own high-end transmitter that will run most of you equipment. At that time, I recommend immediately throwing away this cheap remote and using your new one.


Overall the Falcon 250 is an outstanding value, and if you’re a beginner it’s not a drone that can be outgrown quickly. Its outrageous speed and aggressive flight characteristic make it a total blast to fly. We highly recommend this drone if you’re looking to experience the incredible thrills that FPV flight provides, but you don’t want to dish out the cash for a pro unit until you get the hang of things. This is a great unit, and besides a few little complaints, it’s pretty well a perfect package. Check it out for yourself here and Happy Flying!


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