Dubai has grown in stature somewhat in recent years and is widely seen as a hub of wealth but there are some laws that many people are unaware of that can carry big consequences. For example, you can pick up a fine for eating, drinking or chewing gum on public transport, having an excessively dirty car and even littering.

Fines of 500 dirham are normally handed out on the first offence of littering which then doubles and can triple after multiple occurrences. Dubai has even noted littering as such a problem that they have decided to introduce drones in an attempt to catch people in the act; one drone is currently sweeping the streets with hopes of adding more in the future. The Waste Management Department of Dubai Municipality is responsible for the new project and will keep an eye on beaches, waste dump sites and camp sites.

The introduction of the drones are said to, more than anything, save time as it can fly to a different place across the city extremely quickly. Before, inspectors would drive around the streets but they couldn’t cover nearly as much ground as drones can. The Director of the Waste Management Department has noted how the drones can not only move location extremely fast but also gather data and even take high quality photographs if needed.

The news was welcomed by some locals who thought this would be an opportunity to fly their own drones more regularly but the laws, as far as private flying is regarded, has remained intact. Commercial drones are strictly prohibited and others are still not allowed during the night, near people, airports or buildings.

This comes as interesting news for those in the drone industry who are excited to see its use on a number of different platforms and by all sorts of different industries around the world. 2016 is set to be a bumper year for drone enthusiasts, manufacturers, and specialists alike.

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