People nearby watched as Cambridge Police launched a drone into the sky to help in the investigation of a car accident. The incident, which took place on 5th April, saw a Ford Fiesta connect with a bicycle before then hitting two passers-by on the pathway injuring three people in total.

The drone took off from Madingley Road, the site of the accident, in an attempt to gain a clear picture of the whole area. It is thought that police were trying to picture the scene more clearly and look for reasons as to why the accident may have occurred that cannot be seen from the ground. Cambridgeshire is just one of three counties taking part in a trial of drones as they, along with Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, continue to look into the possibility of using the devices in other investigations and other crime situations.

The date for a final decision is set for the end of 2016 and if the tests are successful, drones could soon be common place within the UK; a country that has always been at the forefront of this technology after first using it to find a hiding culprit by the Merseyside Police in 2010. Drones have had an array of tasks since then including traffic monitoring and as an aerial view of protests.

 The investigation in Cambridge though is ongoing with arrests still to be made. It is believed that the driver is in his 50s and suffered injuries to his head. One of the pedestrians is also being treated for head injuries whilst the cyclist may have broken their leg. The incident was well attended as the police were accompanied by three ambulances in addition to a unit from the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART).

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