The popular X4 has long been one of the most popular drones offered by Hubsan.

The Hubsan X4’s easy to fly and durable characteristics made it a favorite with beginners. Soon after the release of the X4 we saw the introduction of the X4 FPV, and the fans of the original X4 fell in love! Just when we all thought the X4 couldn’t get any better, they stuck a tiny 0.3mp FPV camera and a video downlink inside the tiny shell of the X4. This allows live video to be streamed straight to the 4.3” LCD monitor built right into the transmitter (Remote control). Very exciting stuff, this literally has never been done before in a drone this size and it’s truly revolutionary.

The Hubsan X4 FPV is literally the world’s smallest FPV drone to date. FPV is an expensive technology, it’s also required quite a bit of space to install. So considering that Hubsan somehow managed to stuff all this into a tiny shell, you’d expect this to come at some outrageous cost. Well fortunately for drone enthusiasts and FPV junkies alike, the whole unit ready to fly can be has for as low as $129.00 on sites like Amazon and BangGood. This is the exact reason why we fell in love with Hubsan in the first place, innovate products at a reasonable price. So before we get any further into this review, it’s important that those who aren’t familiar with Hubsan get some background info.


Company Profile

Hubsan is a relatively new player when it comes to the remote control industry. Many companies that currently design and manufacture multi rotors have a history in remote control helicopters of planes. That’s not the case with Hubsan. They were founded in 2010 in Shenzhen China; with the company motto of “leading the trend” indeed they have done just that. In five short years their name has become synonymous with high quality drones that thousand of pilots worldwide have logged their first few flight hours on. Most notorious of all is the X4, and with new variants being released all the time, it’s sure to stay that way for quite some time.


Initial Impression

Upon receiving your X4 FPV, you’ll notice it’s packaged quite nicely with an image of the drone and transmitter on the front of the box. The drone and transmitter are packaged securely within a plastic shell. Unfortunately you wont be finding any sort of re-usable carrying case as with drones like the Eachines Falcon 250. But nonetheless, everything looks good. You likely won’t need a case for the X4 anyhow, and somehow I doubt even if I had one that I’d actually utilize it. A nice camera bag with some secure internal straps should do nicely, and makes a better investment than a single dedicated case.



When you open up the X4 FPV package here is what you’ll find inside:

  • Quadcopter
  • Propellers 4 pcs
  • FPV transmitter
  • 380mAH LiPo Battery
  • USB Charger
  • Assistant Wrench
  • Prop Guard
  • User Manual




Inside you’ll find the beautiful X4 finished in a matte white, with beautiful LED lights that will instantly become apparent when you power on the drone. The overall appearance of this drone is completely stunning, it looks and feels like a drone twice the price. The Hubsan x4 FPV is in a class all of its own, considering it’s the only drone this small with an FPV camera built right in! You will also find the remote with built in display screen, which does a great job of displaying the live video feed as you pilot the drone. Both the drone and transmitter look great, and it’s presently surprising to see Hubsan really stepping up their game.


Flight Review:


The Good

Now for the important bit, it doesn’t mater how many fancy technical and design features you cram into a drone, it ultimately comes down to the flight capability. Well in short, the X4 FPV is an outstanding flyer. It manages to stay in the air for up to 7 minutes even with the FPV camera rolling and streaming to the controller. It’s extremely stable considering its tiny size, and has some pretty aggressive flight characteristics. It’s extremely enjoyable to fly with the live stream FPV and really the potential with this feature is endless. If you can pickup a few of them for you and your friends, they are an absolute blast to race. You can even stick a micro SD and record all the action for later.


The Bad

The battery although impressive considering its size, is a little less then we’d like to see. 7 minutes just isn’t enough time when your out flying with some friends. They redeemed themselves here with short charging time of only 30 minutes, so if you can pickup about 4 batteries, you should be able to maintain constant flight with little interruption.

All in all, it’s a great little drone, and really it’s an engineering marvel. The Hubsan X4 FPV is an outstanding piece of technology, and provides an incredible amount of entertainment for beginners and skilled pilots alike. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the review. Happy Flying!

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